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Leslie Segar a. We might want to seriously consider that girls are a primary influence on the production of popular taste by way of male artists borrowing from the female sphere of black musical activity. Male artists are mirroring the production aesthetic that exists in everyday culture. He writes: I just get confused. Very rarely is any musical evidence given for the specific skin colour or continental origin of the music being talked about and when evidence is presented, it usually seems pretty flimsy to me from a musicological viewpoint emphasis added; Tagg, , see http: Rhythm and soul are key examples.

This is the primary aim behind my book - to provide an understanding that helps people get how musical blackness is learned and I get an added bonus of confronting gender biases by focusing on girls within black culture as well. African Americans learn to discipline their kinesthetic sensibilities and their highly social musical embodiment. Le Roi Jones a. I often imagine I can intuitively figure out earlier styles of black dance just from hearing the music that accompanied it — cultural memory, too, is learned.

I experienced the past in what I saw and what I did as a black dancer. My mother corrected me and my constructed memories. She had taught me how to dance.

She reflected what happened in my toddler years: This is taste-making at the level of cultural learning. Our stereo doubled as living room furniture. I merely assumed, in hindsight, that she was teaching me specific choreographies like the Lindy-hop and other dances, which I actually did learn from her, which she acquired before my birth—oral-kinetic transmissions of black culture are felt not seen or intellectually understood. I even learned how to do the Freak from my mother, a single party-going parent, a popular disco dance that came out in the s.

And before my mother gave me another explanation, I created one in my head: I figured she was passing on local and national popular traditions that had been more closely connected during segregation. I believed I had the right sensibilities to put everything into action, and that my African American body came with rhythm in it. It is part of the customary phenomenology of identity politics.

We want to believe who we are, is fixed, set, and complete—a belief that is especially common in the collective consciousness surrounding black musical experience. Even while recognizing that I learned how to have rhythm, my sense of my musical blackness—my sense of belonging and being socially affiliated with a distinct African American culture—remains.

However, showing her vision back in , bell hooks warned: Criticisms of directions in postmodern thinking should not obscure insights it may offer that open up our understanding of African American experience. This critique of essentialism is useful for African Americans concerned with reformulating outmoded notions of identity.

Hooks, It is my committed assessment that this oversight is complicated by a lack of attention to the ways musical blackness is learned. More black and non-white scholars need to understand and investigate how black musical discourse and black musical subjectivities in African American culture are learned through everyday social practices to offset the white-washing of cultural phenomenology. Because most definitions of folklore exclude commercial performance, consumers and listeners, as well as scholars who may denigrate black expressive or popular cultures, rarely connect the production and dissemination of vernacular oral traditions to popular music production and distribution at first glance.

Bluestein contends that this definition may be useful in European folk contexts, but does not do justice to the processes operating in the United States. He counters: Almost from the beginning, [U. At the same time that folk and popular styles continue their own development in both rural and urban regional settings, materials from folk tradition have strongly colored popular expression The relationship between the two is so intimate that it makes more sense to talk about poplore than folklore in the United States ibid. In this case, the artist is the young, emerging, solo artist, Michael Jackson.

And the aspect highlighted here concerns the use of kinetic orality, or transmissions of movement or motion that are used to key into an older game, an older dance, and a relevant social history as embodied social memory.

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His version was a cover. The original also reached number two on the Billboard Hot Police Athletic League Center in Harlem in They formed in but reached their earliest popularity in with the release of the hit single Candy Girl. Candy Girl did not have much crossover appeal despite lead singer Ralph Tresvant sounding a lot like Michael Jackson. These meanings are not lost in the performance of this game-song.

But movement is not lacking in the delivery of the dance. In the table below, you will find line-by-line from left to right a representation of the patterns of unison call-and-response chanting shared by nine year-old twins Jasmine and Stephanie, and the exchange of their roles swapping between leader and follower, caller and responder as they are required throughout the performance. Jig - a-low—, jig-jig-a-low—. My name is Ste —phanie. I got the mu —scle. To do the hu —stle. I do my thang. On the video screen.

When I first observed this game-song between the twins, I noticed that Jasmine and Stephanie were performing the then-popular dance I had participated in as a graduate student in Detroit metropolitan nightclubs and house parties.


As a result, the dance was easy to recognize. The dance was called the Robot. The oral and kinetic juxtaposition of a popular s dance, and a popular s dance, suggests both continuity and change in a curious way: Instead, the latest style replaced the out-of-style dance practice. Girls create variations within their orally- and kinetically- transmitted texts that reflect both the black past and the present, embodying a social memory of black style. More than any other black social dance practiced by both women and men, the Robot was concurrent with, if not a precursor to, emergent styles of dance associated with rap and hip-hop culture most notably the art of popping , locking , and pop-lock dancing often associated with popper Fred Berry, a.

It accompanied the song from which its name was taken: The style of music to which this song Doo Do Brown belongs has many labels including Southern rap, party rap, dirty rap, bass music , booty music, a booty phat classic, a club re-mix classic , and a strip club classic. It remained a classic in clubs for over a decade, from to allmusic. Because of the accentuated, popping action of the booty, females were primarily associated with this dance, though men performed it as well. This association explains the name of the style or genre of this music: Connections are still made with hip-hop performance.

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And an interplay between the sexes is still at work - in this case, between social dances that may signify conventional sex roles in popular culture. For females, it may be signifying their dominant or subordinate role as dancers in hip-hop videos, which were receiving a great deal of critical and negative attention in the mids, when Jasmine and Stephanie were playing this game. Many of those dances might be considered sexual or erotic display. In these cases, there are issues of sex identity, gender relations, and embodied significations that are suggestive of, but do not explicitly allude to sexual behavior and erotic gesture.

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These are entwined in a deeper understanding of the power of black music across time and space. On another level, female expression and activity in a semi-private sphere the local popular sphere of African American neighborhoods , is in dialogue with male expressive activity in a more public sphere mass-produced and -mediated songs and videos on radio and TV. This simultaneously disguises the social construction of popular music and the integral participation of women and girls in defining the dominant popular music culture.

The appeal of mass popular music is not necessarily a matter of a passive consumption, market manipulation, or the debasement of - in this case - African American music or culture. At its worst, hip-hop excludes women from participation in the community-building role that music tends to play in black youth and popular culture. My research suggests that power works in both directions between males and females, but the popular read: One wonders if that might be the ultimate upsetting of the ways in which gender signifies power in actual performance and practice.

See the 25 th anniversary article on the controversy in The Grio: It is that something that appears to persist; yet new relations are developed. We must embrace the interplay between the local and mass popular spheres, between the so-called folk or vernacular and the popular, between female and male cultures, and between youth and adults. A significant dimension of this dialogue occurs through the musical intertextuality, between the gestures and dances, chants, and lyrics, that operate in the realm of a larger world of commercial and vernacular popular music produced by males.

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In common sense language, identification is constructed on the back of a recognition of some common origin or shared characteristics with another person or group, or with an ideal, and with the natural closure of solidarity and allegiance established on this foundation. Though not without its determinate conditions of existence, including the material and symbolic resources required to sustain it, identification is in the end conditional, lodged in contingency. It obeys the logic of more-than-one.

In the performance of these embodied musical formulas, players learn to inhabit metaphors of difference: But it also functions as a communal agent, offering the power to transcend differences of gender, class, age, and nationality within the social economy of African American culture.

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My analysis offers a glimpse into the dialectical tensions encompassed within this communal sensibility by concentrating on the significance of gender and embodiment in a seemingly minor context of African American musical culture: Jasmine and Stephanie, twins b. No other biographical information; girls were adopted. Interviewed 8 April Recorded seven game-songs on audio cassette. Linda b. Interviewed 3 October Parents from Detroit, Michigan.

Two brothers. Recorded on audio cassette. Nancy b. Interviewed 9 September Three older brothers, one older sister. Recorded game-songs on audio cassette. Morrow, , pp. Guthrie P. Josephine Wright and Samuel A. Floyd eds. Zap Mama recording artists , Sabsylma. Time Warner, , By taste I invoke the sociological, aesthetic, economic and anthropological constructions of styles, affects, acquisitions, and communal works and identifications associated with musical blackness including dance, gesture and linguistics. Ultimately, it speaks to the question of how black folk socially and culturally judge, formulate, and revise what is considered beautiful, funky and proper within their communal cultures.

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